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Chloe's Closet Malta Quiz

Chloe's Closet Quiz

Win with Chloe's Closet Malta this autumn where you get to test out your knowledge of kids and babies, and in return you can win some amazing prizes.

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Chloe's Closet

1st Prize

€35 Voucher

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€25 Voucher

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€15 Voucher

Chloe's Closet

Chloe's Closet

Three years ago I became a first time mum myself, I cannot explain the sense of protection I feel I need to give to my precious Chloe every day, in everything she comes first. I worry about how harmful harsh chemicals can be on her delicate skin and how processed food can make her sick. In a nutshell I strive to provide the best possible everything for her. Being a fashion conscious myself I was finding it hard to find the particular style that I dreamt my baby would wear; stylish, simple and comfortable. Above all, clothing that gave me the peace of mind that are safe for my baby, due to this I always try to look for organic clothing.
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