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classic_iconClassic Quizzes

Quizando’s famous leaderboard quizzes have been played hundreds of thousands of times by quiz fans all over the world.

Taking part couldn’t be easier. Just pick which of the live quizzes you want to tackle, put on your trivia head and press play.

You will then face a series of questions with multiple-choice answers which you must guess correctly. Each question is time based so it is important to answer quickly to ensure you get as many points as possible. Obviously, incorrect answers score zero points.

Our classic quizzes tend to be more specialised in nature. So you are more likely to get a quiz about Star Wars or Liverpool FC than Geography or History.

At the end of the quiz, your points are added up and you are awarded a place on the leaderboard accordingly – only your best score counts. When the quiz reaches its closing date, the total prize pool is divided amongst the winner places.

The number of winners and the percentage of the prize pool they win changes from quiz to quiz but is clearly marked on all games.

Every player gets one free go at each quiz allowing you to get a feel for the topic and the type of questions. To play the quiz more you will need to have money in your account or, failing that, tokens which will be deducted instead.

To avoid people over playing any classic quiz, there is a limit to the number of times any one person can play any single quiz. This is also clearly marked on the quiz itself.

Enjoy and Good Luck!

classic_iconHead to Head Quizzes

This is your chance to build your own quiz and challenge friends, family or colleagues to beat you on a topic of your choice. Alternatively you can throw open the challenge to all-comers and see who’s got what it takes to make it to the top of your leaderboard.

When creating a H2H Quiz you first decide whether it will be a private or public competition. You then get to choose the topic, the entry fee, the number of questions, the number of plays and the closing date and time.

As the competitors play their games, their best score will be displayed in the leaderboard. Whoever tops the leaderboard when the quiz closes wins the prize pool. Simple as that!

In the case of private quizzes, if all the invited participants have completed their allocated turns, the quiz will be closed at that point and the winner declared.

All questions in Head to Head challenges are chosen randomly from our database of over 90,000 questions.

Money will be deducted from your account the moment you create the quiz, although you don’t have to play it straight away.

Tokens cannot be used for H2H challenges.

Go on, put your money where your mind is!

classic_iconLast Man Standing Quizzes

This exciting, live-action quiz sees players competing against each other in real time in a bid to become the last man standing and scoop the prize pool!

We have a variety of LMS games taking place every single day of the week. Each game is focussed on one of our main quiz topics ranging from General Knowledge to Music to History to Sport. All questions are selected at random from our database of over 90,000 questions.

To take part in any of these quizzes just visit the Last Man Standing section of Quizando, pick the quiz you fancy playing and click Join. The money will be taken from your account at that point.

You will then be sent an email reminder 15 minutes before the game is due to start, giving you plenty of time to log in and settle down for the competition. Alternatively, if you are not sure if you want to play the quiz and would like to decide later, then you can set a reminder.

It is important that you go the game page well in advance of the game’s start time. Latecomers will obviously not be allowed to join.

LMS gameplay involves all competitors being asked the same question at the same time and then choosing from four multiple-choice answers. Get it right and you move on the next question, get it wrong and you are out.

You also have three lives to use in this quiz, giving you three opportunities to move on to the next step even if you don’t know the answer to the current question. Use them wisely!

The whole exciting process continues until someone is either the last man standing or we get to the end of the question pool in which case all remaining participants will split the prize.

Entries fees for the quizzes vary. Tokens cannot be used for LMS quizzes.

In the unlikely event that you are the only player entering a LMS game, then the quiz will be cancelled and your money refunded.

Remember, Intelligence Pays!