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Fontanella Tea Garden


Fontanella Tea Garden

Play the Fontanella Tea Garden quiz for your chance to win some amazing prizes including a Christmas hamper. It's free to play so come have a go.

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What you can win!


1st Prize

Christmas hamper

2nd Prize

Two Fontanella cakes

3rd Prize

One fontanella cake & 5 coconut balls

4th Prize

4th - 15th Prize - 1 Fontanella cake



Started as a hobby over 40 years ago, Fontanella has grown into a much-loved business that focuses on quality products. Some of their products, such as their chocolate cake and strawberry meringue, have remained unchanged since their founding, while their menu is ever-expanding to bring new things to look forward to.

Upon entering the premises, visitors can enjoy the indoor-meets-outdoor style garden, with fairy lights to illuminate the trees and tables at night. The upper floor, overlooking the bastions, offers a magical view of the Maltese islands.

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